About Us

Zimpeto.com is a South African based startup that was founded in 2016 to address the need of integrating smart, digital certificates into traditional education institutions. The world has become digital, so why haven't academic certificates? Smart certificates can be verified and shared instantly, as opposed to paper certificates which should remain proudly displayed on a wall. Smart certificates cannot deteriorate, be lost, damaged or torn.

Zimpeto.com is the brainchild of co-founders Neeraj Varyani and Kreaan Singh, who began work on the business while on a 3-month-long business trip to China, where they were discussing a verifications company that took Neeraj's original university certificates for verification, but returned it with punch holes, staples and writing on the certificate. Why was a paper certificate even necessary in the process of verification? They also identified that it was not only South Africa that had a prevalence of counterfeit qualifications. Every continent experiences the exact same issue, and in such an integrated global marketplace, there should be a global system that can identify a counterfeit qualification from genuine ones.

Using blockchain technology, smart certificates can be proven authentic anywhere in the world and at any time, in an instant, forever. A blockchain is completely immutable, meaning that it cannot be edited in any way whatsoever. A blockchain can therefore never be corrupted or manipulated. Transparency is also a key feature of a public blockchain, with any member of the public to validate information stored on the blockchain. This however can only be done so if the owner of the information grants permission to do so, meaning that privacy is also maintained.

What we value

Time, convenience & money. But most of all, trust.

We want to create a global platform that can be trusted to prove instant and accurate verifications, so that an employer can have zero doubt about the person they are interviewing. Walking into an interview in which all parties already have some form of trust could mean the difference between a job offer and silence.

We also want to provide convenience to graduates who live in many rural communities around the world, do not necessarily have easy access to a commissioner of oaths or police station, let alone printing facilities. By using smart certificates, graduates can apply for jobs with a smart certificate that is already verified.