Available shortly

At the moment, we are only working with a few institutions to build our product. If you have not received an official email from your institution regarding a partnership with Zimpeto, the chances are we are still in discussions with them. If you are unsure if your institution is a partner, please create an account as a graduate, click on 'Add certificate', and select 'Don't have a code?'. Send us the name of your institution and we will send you an email once they are a partner.
When you graduate, Zimpeto will send you an email containing a unique code that links your account to your certificate. Simply sign in or create an account, click on 'Add certificate' in the menu options, and provide us with that code. That's it! Your certificate will now be available on your dashboard.

If your code is invalid or you did not receive the code, please contact us by selcting "Don't have a code?' on the same screen as above.
As many as you can get! Your account will be free to use, forever. However, should you wish to claim your certificate and then delete your account, a surcharge will be levied in the event that you request for your account to be reinstated, per certificate.